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As the collaborative sharing of information becomes a more and more critical aspect of today’s business environment, managing access to Share Point environments for an increasing variety of users and organizations is becoming an equally important challenge.

Fortunately, Share Point 2013 supports a variety of authentication methods and authentication providers for efficiently handling the authentication for users both within and external to an organization.

a user can access on a Share Point site once they have been successfully authenticated.

Share Point 2013 supports the following authentication types: Windows Authentication is the simplest because it takes advantage of a company’s existing authentication provider (i.e.

Active Directory) to validate a user’s credentials and, consequently, grant or deny access to Share Point sites.

Windows authentication provides the most seamless user experience for users who already have access to Windows-based network resources because once the user has logged onto the domain, they are not required to provide their credentials again to access Share Point.

Authenticate a user against the Active Directory using the user ID and password.Once the token, which is just a specially formatted string, is digitally signed with Azure AD's private certificate, anyone who trusts Azure AD (such as Offie 365) can verify it came from Azure AD by comparing the public version of the the fact that you are authenticating & obtaining an access token from Azure AD.LDAP, ADSI and SDSLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an industry standard directory access protocol (basically set of protocols) for accessing information directories.In Windows, LDAP is the primary way the Operating System accesses the Active Directory database.

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