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They have cautioned women not to rely on IVF for motherhood later in life.

But it may well seem to many women that females, whose fertility has traditionally declined in their 40s, are simply trying to even the odds.

Robert, sixty-six, waits anxiously at JFK for Alexsandra, sixty-five, arriving from Moscow.

Menopause is also a time when many women are also adjusting to a number of other big life changes, like children leaving the nest.Nor, it must be said, does the onset of menopause which not only means the end of fertility but can leave women feeling they are no longer objects of sexual desire - or distinctly short of sexual desire themselves.New research suggests we may eventually see menopause itself delayed.I have always thought that your stories of sex in the 50s were make-believe -- written as male fantasies of a sexual woman. I was a bit taken aback to hear that my personal stories seem so incredible that they could only be fantasy.Still, his remark got me thinking: what will happen when I do go through menopause?

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For the average woman, this happens at the age of 51.

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