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Sanaa lathan dating adewale ogunleye

Wale even popped up at Kelis' dinner party she hosted in Miami this past weekend: Well isn't that sweet. The folks over at Honey say the couple have been pretty public about their new relationship status: The duo were spotted as far back as Super Bowl weekend, when they were seen stepping out of a Miami movie theater together hand in hand. DEEP DOWN I DID WISH THAT KELIS AND NAS COULD WORK THINGS OUT AND NAS WAS IN MIAMI AT THE SAME TIME AS KELIS....we will see First of all Kelis has an album that is sure to flop that needs some promotion and Wale is an injured football player in need of some publicity so that he can get picked up by a team!Just this past weekend, they were seen at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. He has money but he is in his mid- thirties with several major injuries so the need to get some public attention is understandable! No big deal let them provide a need for one another! YALL DONE SEEN WHAT 4 PICS OF KELIS AND YALL GOT HER LIFE FIGURED OUT... SHE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DIVORCE SO SHE CAN TALK TO WHOMEVER SHE WANTS AND HE CAN TOO... YALL JUST BLOGGER BASHERS LOL I'm still confused as to how she's cheating. Kelis doesn't speak on Nas at all and has quietly moved on with her life and career. Would you rather she call paps to photograph her and her baby to prove to you she's a good mom?

Sources tell us the former Miami Dolphin and Chicago Bears player have been dating for several months, but have been “cloe friends” for over a year.Her and Dania...where there is smoke there is fire! Nicole Bitchie site posted this about Kelis and this dude.This e-mail was sent back in November of 2009 and the site just posted it because they were not sure but since this news came out they decided to post the e-mail they recieved about Kelis cheating on Nas with this guy...sorry but Kel;is is no innocent party! Some one sent her an e-mail a while back but she did not believe it and now the truth is out about Kelis and her cheating ways and the fact that the rumors about her liking women are more than likely true!Predator, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar and The Family That Preys.She is the daughter of Stan Lathan and Eleanor Mc Coy.

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